SecondOpinion is a local online source of health information and services. We help you find doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, cosmetic medical practices and keep you posted on the latest health news and events around you. But most importantly, we help you find the best doctors and clinics, (through our rating system) as recommended by other patients, based on their own experiences. Our goal is to help you connect, discuss, share, learn from and support each other on health related topics and issues.

SecondOpinon’s mission is to have all our local health information easily available to you online in one platform and to build awareness of all health related news happening around you!

Whether you want to add a doctors profile, recommend a doctor, or simply browse to view what health related news and events, we aim to make your life easier by coming together with as much up to date info as possible, all in one place!


Why should I sign up?

By signing up you can ask our panel of doctors health related questions and also give your opinion on other peoples experiences and queries. You can also recommend a doctor and comment on our healthy living blog about things that may be happening around town.


How do I login?
You can create an account using your Name and e-mail address, then click on LogIn (top right corner at the corner) to login to the site with your credentials.


How can I recommend a doctor?
This is a free service being provided to the citizens of Pakistan, but it is only made possible by the contribution of people like you, who have recommended doctors based on your personal experience with them. If you would like to recommend a doctor, sign up using your email address and recommend any doctor you like by logging in.


How does this rating system work?
The rating system is based on recommendations made by patients, as a result of their own experiences with the doctor. Each person can recommend a doctor only once. A high number of recommendations indicate there are a considerable number of people that have been satisfied with that doctor.


How can I add information about a doctor, hospital, or clinic etc. on your site?
You can help us provide valuable information by simply emailing us at info@secondopinion.com.pk or clicking on Contact Us to submit the information.


I have an event I would like to add to your healthy living section?
If your event is health related, we will be happy to post about it on our site. Please contact us at blog@secondopinion.com.pk with information regarding your event.


How can I advertise on your website?
Please contact us at info@secondopinion.com.pk and we will guide you regarding advertising on our site.

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